“The smile of the little girl I sponsor is the best investment I have made in my life.”
– Tony Pearman, Baan Yuu Suk Sponsor
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Give hope. Give choice. Give love.

Becoming the sponsor of one of our girls is a unique opportunity to form a life-long bond and change the course of another human being’s life.
As a sponsor, you have the chance to provide consistent presence, mentorship, and support to the girl you sponsor as she grows into a confident young woman.
Though their backgrounds are different, our girls are unified by their communal lack of a stable family life. As a sponsor, you can help us fill this void and remind our girls that they are loved unconditionally by those near and far.
“I get to help a bright, creative young woman know that she is important and that there is someone out there that believes in her and wants her to fulfil her dreams. It feels good knowing that you are contributing to maintaining the shelter as the “safe haven” that it is and contributing to the happiness of the girls living there. I would sponsor them all if I could!”
– Donna Bracey, Baan Yuu Suk Sponsor

Your money at work.

Every cent that you send us goes directly into your child’s development and well-being at COSA. That is our promise to your sponsored child, and that is our promise to you.
Distribution of funds varies slightly from child to child as each girl’s needs are unique. Your money contributes to:
• Gaining Thai national status
• Living assistance
• Education fees, school uniforms, and various school programs
• Savings fund for higher education or vocational training
• Food and nutrition
• Health care
• Mental health care
• Creating girls empowerment programs
• Shelter and extra-curricular activities
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