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The COSA Coffee Cup Club is a monthly direct deposit program of 20 USD per calendar month.

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For just 20 USD a month, joining the COSA Coffee Cup Club makes you a crucial part of our efforts to combat human trafficking.

Why coffee?

50% of the American work force spends approximately 1,000 USD on coffee annually. This comes out to over 20 USD per month spent purely on caffeination (not counting any additional soda or tea consumption).
Now, we’re not suggesting you forfeit your morning mug. But consider this: with the average American’s weekly coffee allowance, you can have a real impact on the lives of our girls and the communities they come from.

Small change for big change.

So how far does the price of one cup of coffee really go in Thailand? Further than you’d think. In Thailand, for just 5 USD, you can get…
• Five meals
• Five fruit shakes
• Two tank tops (maybe three, depending on your haggling skills)
• Two pairs of shorts
• Five pairs of flip flops
• An almost incalculable number of bananas
All funds go directly to support the girls under our care and community development programs in their home villages.
For the price of one coffee per week, you can join our ever-expanding family of donors and supporters without whom we would be unable to continue our prevention and educational efforts.

E-mail us to join the CCCC today!

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