Established in 2014 to empower our prevention initiatives, Outreach and Special Intel Services (OASIS) works alongside local officials in target communities to engender social change.
OASIS works within COSA’s five target communities that require special attention for the prevention of human trafficking. In working closely with local authorities, we aim to create a more sustainable method for assisting communities and potential victims of human trafficking. As a precursor for relationship building, OASIS shares resources, expertise and information with local actors.

Working toward a common goal.

COSA established the OASIS program to work in conjunction with the Anti-Human Trafficking Division (AHTD), the Region 5 Division, the local Royal Thai Police (RTP), local schools, and community leaders to begin gathering information on human trafficking at the ground level.
On one end, groups such as the RTP will make trafficking arrests or break up a local trafficking ring. While traffickers and accomplices are arrested and put on trial, often times the authorities need help in finding safe places for the victims to go to where they will be removed from being at risk again for exploitation. With the OASIS program, COSA will work with the authorities to provide resources, shelter options, and renewed opportunities to at-risk girls or victims of trafficking. In certain instances, some girls may join us at our Baan Yuu Suk shelter in northern Thailand.
Our goal is to forge long-term partnerships with these groups in order to sustainably reduce the impact of trafficking on the human development of these villages.
Furthermore, OASIS records progress and publicizes arrests. This is a necessary component of prevention that is not practiced diligently in these communities. Publicity raises awareness and enhances our understanding about human trafficking within our social networks and also within local communities. Ultimately, we hope that this initiative influences local behaviors and impacts social norms.

Extending our reach for greater results.

This new process will take place over two phases: first we will spend several months collecting information on the geographic characteristics of the area, the education situation, on how to build a physical presence, and on building trust. The second phase involves rescuing girls who are identified as being at-risk and finding them safe houses or moving them into Baan Yuu Suk to be part of our program.
This project enables us to have a constant presence in our target communities so that we can better understand local conditions, work in real time when conditions change, and ensure that action is taken against criminals. Our direct involvement enhances our ability to measure our program’s impact and to evaluate success.
In the meantime, COSA will continue to focus on providing shelter and education to victims or those at-risk of trafficking. We will continue to assist victims once they are rescued and ensure that they become survivors.

Help create a safe haven for others.

OASIS is an independently funded outreach program. The program’s success requires support from partners, sponsors and other third party groups. Funding for the OASIS program helps to strengthen AHTD and RTP anti-trafficking efforts, makes it possible for us to travel to remote hill tribe villages to recover rescued girls, and helps us to find safe houses for victims. If you wish to learn more or be an OASIS supporter, please contact us at info@cosasia.org.