photoEstablished in 2011, Medical Outreach and Social Aid in Communities (MOSAIC) encourages collective action in target communities to help create a more sustainable method for improving children’s health.
MOSAIC works within the pre-existing schooling system and in collaboration with community leaders in remote communities to help deliver assistance where it is needed most. Simultaneously, this allows us to understand the nature of their needs and effectively adapt to changing conditions.

Better health for better learning.

Since its inception in 2011, COSA estimates that the MOSAIC program has positively impacted the health of 700 children in addition to 200 adults. Over 3 years, MOSAIC has organized routine community clinics to monitor and maintain the overall health of partner communities, with special attention on children. Based on our experiences with each community over time, our medical personnel now prioritize ear health, eye health, hygiene and nutritional guidance, while also coaching families on safe drinking water practices.
As a result, we have learned that many children in poorer communities attend school without breakfast and are not provided with a balanced and nutritional lunch. Knowing that inadequate nutrition can have detrimental effects on a student’s attention span and learning capacity, we now provide nutritional support to various schools among our five target communities as part of our Nutritional Subsidy Project. This project supports school lunch programs to equip students with more nutritional meals each day.
To further affect change, MOSAIC runs a number of healthcare workshops in both English and Thai for students and teachers. Working closely with a core set of dedicated teachers, the workshops are designed to provide practical preventative health information. We also hope this information will be disseminated to the parents of children most affected.

The future of MOSAIC.

Through 2014 and beyond, MOSAIC will employ its cumulative understanding of rural communities’ medical needs to benefit new communities. We will take advantage of all available resources to maximize our impact on the health and well-being of hill tribe children. To fulfill this objective, we will soon be supporting two new schools in the Mae Hong Son region with our Nutritional Subsidy Project. This project will extend MOSAIC’s arms to reach an additional 200 children!
As always, MOSAIC will continue to plant seeds to encourage collective action and reduce the fragmentation of families that often lead children to become vulnerable to exploitation and trafficking. Solidarity between MOSAIC and target communities enables COSA to carry out more prevention work in the future.

Medical care costs money.

In order for MOSAIC to continue providing medical supplies and trained personnel for community clinics, maintain its Nutritional Subsidy Project within all schools, and expand into additional communities, we need support. If you are interested in learning more about MOSAIC or wish to contribute in any way, please contact us at

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