Our four comprehensive projects all focus on tackling the root causes of trafficking and embody our vision that education is the key to social change.
We believe the only way to truly combat human trafficking is to address the underlying causes. This is why we invest our time, resources and energy into a variety of projects that are based in community development, community empowerment and prevention through education.
In addition to our shelter, which most visibly reflects our success and social impact, we have established three additional programs that function within our target communities to inspire sustainable social change.


Baan Yuu Suk

Our shelter provides a safe haven for children who have either been affected by or were at high risk of exploitation. At COSA’s foundational shelter, they complete their schooling, receive vocational training, improve their English skills, and grow as healthy and confident young women. Click here to learn more about Baan Yuu Suk.



Medical Outreach and Social Aid in Communities (MOSAIC), is a healthcare program that encourages collective action in target hill tribe communities. This initiative focuses on helping to create a more sustainable method for improving the health of hill tribe children. Click here to learn more about MOSAIC.



Providing Access to Schools and Safety (PASS) is a program that  provides hill tribe children with safe, reliable transportation to and from school. This is a fundamental step towards improving the education experience in remote communities. Click here to learn more about PASS.



Our latest initiative, Outreach And Special Intel Services (OASIS), is an outreach program that works in conjunction with local authorities to find safe houses for at-risk or trafficked girls, to apprehend criminals, and to keep record of local trafficking flows.  Click here to learn more about OASIS.



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