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Our COSA girls are everything to us: our inspiration, our legacy, and our friends.
Baan Yuu Suk, COSA’s founding facility, opened its doors in 2009 and today is the home of 26 girls living normal lives, going to school every morning, completing their homework and chores, doing activities with volunteers and benefiting from vocational and English classes on weekends.
Baan Yuu Suk provides the girls with a home to live, learn and grow into their own, making the shelter and each and every one them as unique as can be.
Ampie_WebsiteWhile the Thais usually have a single nickname, Ampai goes by both her first name Ampai, and her nickname Aung. As you can imagine, this creates confusion for anyone meeting Ampai for the first time! At 16, Ampai gets along with all the girls at Baan Yuu Suk regardless of age, and keeps everyone included in group activities. Whenever one of our volunteers sits down to read to the girls, you can bet that Ampai is the first one to scoot towards the front, in hopes of getting a fun English lesson. Although quiet by nature, Ampai is always quick to show her affection by giving our volunteers a surprise hug before walking off with her friends.
BowBow is a very smiley and creative 11 year old and younger sister to Fern. Although she has limited English skills, she is eager to learn and is very expressive, and has already made friends among out volunteers despite the language barrier. Her favorite things to do at COSA are drawing and braiding the other girls’ hair. If you ask her what her favorite game is she’d definitely say ‘Simon Says.’ One of our newest arrivals here at Baan Yuu Suk, Bow’s sweet demeanor and adorable smile have made her an instant favorite of the older girls at the shelter, who love to push her on the swings and play with her long dark hair.


ChonChon joined us here at Baan Yuu Suk in October 2014 along with Fan, Ehrn, and Kaer. At school Chon excels in math, but admits having to work really hard to do well in science, which is one of her weaker subjects. Still, she knows that both of these subjects are paramount to achieving her goal of becoming a doctor someday so that she can help others and help support her parents back home. While Chon appears quiet and reserved at the shelter, we’ve noticed that this veneer disappears whenever she’s playing with our younger girls or doing a creative activity with volunteers. We’re curious to see how her personality develops over the years in her new environment, and can’t wait to get this shy girl out of her shell!



EhrnShortly after arriving at our shelter in October 2014, Ehrn made quick work of becoming close with all of our younger girls, including New, May, Kaek, and Lee. Now she can almost always be found with one of them playing games, pestering our volunteers to use their iPads, finding creative ways to pass the long, hot hours on the weekends, and walking to and from school together. Of all the new aspects of staying with us, she was most excited about the opportunity to go to school, and is hoping that if she focuses on her English studies both in school at during our weekend English classes, she’ll have the opportunity to study abroad in the future. Music to our ears!


Fern Neung
FernAt 14, Fern first appears shy and reserved but as you get to know her she proves to be anything but! Fern Neung is one of our latest additions at Baan Yuu Suk alongside younger sister Bow, and she has already begun to open up and reveal her fun and vibrant personality. Fern loves to make her friends laugh, and is a very caring older sister to Bow. She loves the color blue and is excited to improve her English. Besides being an admirable artist, Fern is also very bright and we have high hopes for her performance in school and in English lessons.
Fern Song
Fern2_WebsiteSweet, reserved, and diligent, 12-year-old Fern Song is one of the shyest girls here at Baan Yuu Suk. Her studiousness is most apparent during our weekend English classes, where she works hard to improve her foreign language skills; otherwise Fern  tends to remain secluded from the other girls. Her closest friend at the shelter is Prae, and the two can often be seen together playing or talking in their free time. Despite her shyness, Fern loves two dance, and we’re hoping that being around other wonderful girls and gregarious volunteers will help to bring this lovely young girl out of her shell.


FanFan came to COSA in October 2014 along with Chon, Ehrn, and Kaer. Like most of our girls, Fan loves to play volleyball in her free time, and can often be found playing a quick game (sans volleyball net of course) with a group of girls just before dinner. When asked what word sums her up, Fan is quick to respond with “diligent”, and hopes that this quality will help her succeed in school (we’re sure it will). We’re also sure that it will become handy in the future as she works to become a teacher  in order to help other students learn. One interesting fact about Fan: she was born on April Fool’s Day!
Fon_WebsiteAlthough Fon initially comes off as a shy and reserved girl, anyone who takes the time to get to know this reserved 16-year-old will soon realize that they are speaking to a very sweet, down-to-earth girl. When asked what makes her happy, Fon responds by saying that she enjoys seeing her sister when she gets the chance, and also likes to spend her free time hanging out with friends. At Baan Yuu Suk, Fon is often seen hanging around Baifern and Nooch, and together the three of them study Japanese at school.
Gan_WebsiteGan is an athletic 15-year-old girl who loves to stay active by playing volleyball and Thai soccer (a sport that can only be described as a mixture of football, volleyball, and gymnastics). She loves to eat pad grapao, or spicy stir-fried chicken with Thai basil, and can never get enough apples. When asked what she likes about COSA, Gan says that she’s grateful to have access to education opportunities not available to her back home, and that she has the opportunity to do things that she never would have been able to do before.
Gig Neung
GigGig Neung is an affectionate and lovably clumsy 15 year old with aspirations of becoming a teacher. She is all smiles and laughs and you will often find her sneaking up on volunteers to tickle them. She is a dedicated student and likes to fill her free time with drawing and singing. You will never see her happier than when she gets to play around in Prem’s pool—but watch out, she’ll splash you when you’re least expecting it! Her persistent optimism and infections giggle are an inspiration to us all and we are so happy that she’s joined our COSA family.
Gig Song
Gig2_WebsiteAt 15 years old, our second Gig (or Gig Song) is the most recent girl to arrive at Baan Yuu Suk. So far she has spent time adjusting to her new life at COSA, and getting to know the other girls who make this place home. She has been quick to get along with the other girls in her age group, and the one girl that she spends the most time with is none other than Gig Neung! Still, Gig Song remains on the shy side, and always makes sure she has a friend nearby, especially when it comes to communicating with our English-speaking volunteers. We’re hoping that with time, she will settle into her new home and let us get to know her better.
Jane_studying_2014.08Jane is an exceptionally bright and hardworking girl whom we’re very happy to have with us at Baan Yuu Suk. At 16 years old, she has proven to be a diligent student, both at school and during our weekend English classes. In the classroom, Jane enjoys studying mathematics and science, but at Baan Yuu Suk she likes playing volley ball, eating grapes, relaxing, and reading. In the future Jane would like to be a teacher so that she can pass off everything she’s learned in school to future generations. You keep hard at work, Jane, and we’ll do everything we can to make that dream a reality.
Jin_WebsiteCan you tell that Jin is a friendly, outgoing girl? Because she is! At 15, Jin enjoys going to high school with a number of our girls, where she enjoys studying health and physical education. Jin likes to stay active by playing volleyball and soccer, while listening to music and watching movies help her to stay happy and relaxed. Jin can usually be found helping out in the kitchen, especially when we serve up papaya salad (her favorite). One tell-tale sign that Jin is nearby is that you can hear her laughter, which is something she does a lot. Another tell-tale feature of Jin is that she smiles a lot, especially when she’s confused!



KaekKaek is one of the youngest girls at Baan Yuu Suk. She’s a quiet but sweet and affectionate 6 year-old with a spunky streak who enjoys playing with the other younger girls. She loves school and has great grades. Though she’s just beginning to learn English, she’s picking up new words all the time and showing her skills when playing with volunteers. We’re sure that if she keeps up the hard work she’ll be one of the best English speakers at Baan Yuu Suk in no time!


KaerWhen Kaer first arrived at our shelter in October 2014, we asked her a bunch of questions to get to know her better. And what we found is that she is filled with lots of appreciation for the little things in life. For instance, her favorite sport is volleyball. Why? We asked. “Volleyball, because I can play it with all my friends”. Okay, what about favorite foods? “I love pomegranate, because the taste is so unique”. In school she enjoys art class. Why? “Because I love the freedom that comes with it”. Maybe that’s why she’d like to become an art teacher in the future. Finally, we asked her “So what do you like about COSA?” After thinking for a minute, she replied “I think it will give me a big chance to help my family and help me make new friends”. We’re hoping that we can do all that and more.


LeeLee is an energetic little 7-year-old rarely seen far from her “partner in crime,” New. She can typically be found running around or playing on the swings. Lee constantly has a smile on her face, despite the absence of her two front teeth! Her favorite subjects in school are English and Thai, and she loves the color brown. Lee is joined at COSA by her two older sisters, Baifern and Shi, who are a close-knit family and take care of each other. Although she is still quite young, she has big dreams to one day be a flight attendant, just as her older sister Baifern does. We are excited to watch Lee grow and can’t wait to see what the future holds for this bubbly little one!
LomLom charms everyone she meets with her warm, sweet, gentle nature. She says she loves everything about being at COSA, but her favorite activity so far has been swimming at Prem! Her favorite subject at school is Thai. Lom is incredibly ambitious: she loves baking and wants to start her own chain of bakeries when she grows up! Lom is making good progress in her English since arriving here, and we are seeing her confidence rapidly increasing in weekend English classes. Once this 13-year-old has started her business, we can’t wait to start buying her sweets.
LuckMay is often very quiet, but she’s always friendly! This little 9-year-old is always looking for a cuddle, and will effortlessly charm you into giving her a piggy back ride. May is our most recent arrival at Baan Yuu Suk. Though she arrived speaking almost no English, she’s learning quickly. On top of being very warm with volunteers, she’s making close friends with the other little ones, especially New, Lee and Kaek.
MayMay is often very quiet, but she’s always friendly! This little 9-year-old is always looking for a cuddle, and will effortlessly charm you into giving her a piggy back ride. May is our most recent arrival at Baan Yuu Suk. Though she arrived speaking almost no English, she’s learning quickly. On top of being very warm with volunteers, she’s making close friends with the other little ones, especially New, Lee and Kaek.
MueyMuey is one of our creative and talented artists here at Baan Yuu Suk. She loves art and music, and especially enjoys painting. In her spare time, you can find her singing, listening to music, or reading comics. At school, her favorite sport is volleyball. When she grows up, she wants to be an art teacher to spread her love of the arts to other students like her.
NewNew is an adorable 6-year-old girl who is rarely seen far from the side of her older sister, Ning, who also lives at Baan Yuu Suk. New has shown amazing resilience living without a mother at such a young age and has adapted well to the changes in her life. New began preschool in May 2012. Her high energy and adorable wiles let her get away with some mischief, but New is developing into an intelligent girl thanks to a stable home and love from her Baan Yuu Suk family. Eternally curious and ready to play, New brings joy to everyone around her.
NingNing is a bubbly 15-year-old Issan girl and the older sister of our youngest COSA girl, New. She has spunk and a lovable, cheeky attitude. Ning aspires to be a police officer in a big city (“Maybe New York,” she says!) as well as an elementary school teacher. She loves singing, playing the Thai flute and practicing traditional Thai dancing. When asked one thing she likes about herself, she replied “my ability to make people smile.” Her dramatic renditions of sappy Thai songs certainly put a grin on our faces.


Nooch_WebsiteNooch is a fantastic 15-year-old who loves sports, especially volleyball where she has proven herself a strong athlete. She’s also pretty good at running circles around her opponents in football as well. It’s hard to not find Nooch with a smile on her face, especially when teaching our volunteers how to say simple phrases in Japanese, which is her favorite subject in school. In the future, Nooch says that she wants to become a tour guide in the nearby city of Chiang Mai, and maybe even use the opportunity to teach those in her tour group some Japanese as well. Whatever works for you Nooch!
Prae_WebsitePrae is a timid 13-year-old who is found most often in the company of her best friend, Fern Song. Despite her shyness, she’s often found smiling, and her infectious laugh never fails to cheer people up. Her favorite day of the week may be Sunday, when we take the girls to the swimming pool for fun and games. While there, she usually teams up with Wan and Bow in there continuous efforts to master the underwater handstand. In school, Prae enjoys playing volleyball and going to science class, while here at COSA Prae is constantly impressing us with her hard work in our weekend English classes.
Rin_WebsiteInstantly identifiable by her huge smile, Rin is one of those girls that you’re always happy to run into. In her English class, Rin stands out as one of the hardest workers, and it pays off: her English improves with every week. At Baan Yuu Suk, Rin enjoys the company of everyone around her, and can even be found sometimes doing arts and crafts with the volunteers and the younger girls. One interesting quality about Rin is that she loves to eat fruit. If Rin goes to the market with a group of the girls, don’t be surprised if all she brings back is a big bag of fruit!
Wan_WebsiteWan is a kind and quiet soul who loves to draw and would like to be an artist when she grows up. Wan is very creative and loves arts and crafts, especially sculpting with modeling clay (her very realistic elephants with wings are often in high demand amongst  the youngest girls. In addition to the sculpting, Wan makes lovely bracelets, and is quick to give them to our volunteers. On the weekends, Wan enjoys going to the pool and giving her best effort in our English classes.

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