Since 2009, hundreds of talented individuals have dedicated their time, ideas and expertise to Baan Yuu Suk. Each volunteer has left their mark in our memories and in our hearts.




“I have been to Thailand multiple times before coming to COSA, but only as a tourist. What I loved about volunteering at COSA was that I was able to experience Thailand on a more personal and deeper level. I was able to go beneath the superficial layer that people who visit as tourists get to see.” 
- Colette Mahler, 10-week Volunteer, Fall 2014



Christen_Reen_Gig_Peace“Upon recently completing my M.A. in Non-Profit Leadership, I came to COSA with the intention of experiencing and implementing my research on relationship-building for community development. My understanding of this topic has been thus far defined by textbooks and through academic application. However, after participating in an outreach to a hill tribe community and through daily interactions with the girls at COSA, my perspectives have been fully challenged and reconstructed. I feel that I now have a fresh view on development issues that I will take home and carry on through my career.”
- Christen Rapske, 11-week Volunteer, Fall 2014
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