Trekking for Social Change
When traveling, there are few moments more memorable than the ones that take you off the beaten path. Trekking for Social Change offers you novel perspectives and the opportunity to gain unique insights about the roots of human trafficking in Northern Thailand while exploring a lesser traveled corner of the world, engaging with locals and delivering supplies and scarce resources to marginalized villages and schools.


Trekking for Social Change.

Join us for a 5-day trekking adventure along the Salween River that forms the boundary between Myanmar (Burma) and Thailand, through a diverse community of displaced peoples and spend afternoons engaging with children in remote schools.
Take initiative! We have designed a unique opportunity for you to take part in a community development project in conjunction with the Children’s Organization of Southeast Asia. We build relationships with our partner communities, learn about changing conditions, and deliver medical supplies directly to villages and schools.
We want you to be a part of this because we believe that empathy and cultural understanding ultimately leads to effective advocacy and greater awareness about social issues.



This 5-day adventure is highly dependent on demand and will only be arranged when a minimum of four participants are confirmed. Trekking for Social Change requires a lot of careful planning and coordination. As a result, we offer one trip per month and require participants to confirm their bookings at least two months in advance.
  • Ever wonder how fast your perspectives can change? Motivations for trafficking women and children might vary globally — but the local context offers insight into the pressures of cultural obligation, poverty, and statelessness.
  • Can you hike 10 kilometres no problem? This trekking adventure requires all participants to be in good physical condition.
  • Are you interested in human rights, social justice, or community development? If you want to learn about the social issues facing ethnic minorities and migrant groups in Thailand, this educational trek is unparalleled.
  • You dig photography? Prepare to capture some beautiful, candid moments in the hill tribes.


Where is your money going?Screen shot 2014-12-01 at 10.48.47 AM

We are cost-effective, but not cheap.
Traveling to and working in politically insecure areas like the Thai-Burmese border is expensive. There are high levels of crime in this area including drug and human trafficking – which largely occur under the radar.
Although it is highly unlikely to see this crime, we take security very seriously and our budget reflects this. We travel with local guides and authorities that we have built trusted relationships with over time.
It is a long journey to our rural destination, which requires careful planning and coordination with multiple parties.
Every dollar spent in this project is put to the best possible use in providing support to the most marginalized, vulnerable hill tribe and migrant populations while also offering you a high quality, unique experience.


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