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photo expedition group

Photo Expedition group photo

Spectacular scenery, rich culture, and candid shots that will last a lifetime. It’s more than just tourism: it’s a photography expedition off the beaten track in northern Thailand.
In the first week of February, a small group of photographers set off with COSA’s founder, Mickey Choothesa, for an expedition to Mae Hong Son Province. This area is known for Karen hill tribes and rice fields conveniently tucked between rolling green hills. Mae Hong Son is particularly attractive because it’s relatively untouched by tourism. There are fewer people and attractions designed for tourists than other regions closer to major cities like Chiang Mai.
One participant presents his photos and insights from the previous week.

One participant presents his photos and insights from the previous week in Mae Hong Son Province.

Mickey has been leading photography expeditions for about ten years in different locations. When asked why he does it, Mickey answered ”At first, I would do it to fill my downtime and it would allow me to travel; but now, I continue taking groups out for pure love of photography and to share a good cause”.
Over the years, Mickey has been very impressed by the level of creativity he has seen in participants and their willingness to take chances. Sometimes the photos are so stunning that we’ve used them on our website, in pamphlets, and in reports.
Photo Credit: Hilde

Photo Credit: Hilde

On this particular expedition, the photographers exceeded expectations; especially when it came time to present their insights and favorite photos. At the beginning of the expedition, Mickey gave everyone a photography assignment. The group became photojournalists covering a story about the root causes of human trafficking in Thailand. The final presentation was designed to allow each participant to share what he or she had learned over the past week. Over the last couple of days, participants usually stay at Baan Yuu Suk to decompress and engage in wrap-up activities.
If you are interested in joining Mickey on the next Photography Expedition in northern Thailand, contact us at We would love to hear from you!
Photo Credit: Karen O'Hern

Photo Credit: Karen O’Hern



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