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Anne helps a women from an Akha Hill Tribe mend grass to make broomsticks.

January brought fresh insight, new volunteers, and an onslaught of media to COSA. We welcomed two media groups who each spent a couple weeks learning about human trafficking in the local Thai context and getting to know us all at Baan Yuu Suk.


BBC – The World

The first group arrived early January. Anne and Josh are film professors at an American university and part-time documentary filmmakers. On this particular trip, they were shooting a short documentary about statelessness and trafficking in northern Thailand for The World, a BBC-sponsored production.
Anne and Josh joined our outreach team to Baan Khun Suay village located in Chiang Rai Province. The drive to this remote corner of northern Thailand is a gruelling four hours over bumpy terrain and dirt roads that are sometimes impossible to cross in the rainy season.
COSA has been working with Baan Khun Suay for more than three years and each visit is an absolute pleasure. Over the years we have conducted community medical clinics to assess and treat health concerns, provided nutritional support for students, donated a truck for 28 high-risk students to travel to and from school, and offered assistance to at-risk and trafficked girls.

“I want to be a doctor” she says.  Anne and Josh (with translator) interviewing a young girl in an Akha Hill Tribe.

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 VICE News


Mickey Choothesa (Photo Credit: Amanda Mustard)

Amanda Mustard and Adam Ramsey joined our OASIS team on a day trip to Baan Tha Ta Fang village located in Mae Hong Son Province. The photographer and reporter duo contacted us from Bangkok to learn about what we do and to write a story about trafficking for VICE News.
Amanda’s primary focus while in Southeast Asia is to work on stories related to human trafficking and child abuse. The deeply imbedded culture of trafficking in Thailand makes for a challenging, yet fascinating topic to write about.

Read Vice’s article about Mickey Choothesa’s work in combating trafficking.

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