We’ve Fallen in Love

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And no work was done that day[/caption]

Shhh … the puppies are sleeping! In September, we welcomed Sow-La (“Sophie”) into our family here at Baan Yuu Suk. Sure, there are armies of dogs that roam streets of Thailand; but Sow-La is different. Her protective and joyful nature warmed our hearts. Volunteers at the time, Christen, Alex, and Colette kept her food bowl full, made her a comfy bed, and periodically checked for fleas.

Needless to say, two months later Sow-La gave birth to six adorable, healthy puppies. Cuteness overload! Our youngest girls took the most liking to the pups as our older girls tried hard to focus on their copious amounts of homework.

There’s nothing better than cozying up with a tiny fur ball full of life.

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