Bob & Fran Act Against Human Trafficking

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Before meeting all the girls again, Bob and Fran took a moment to sit down with our Program Director Lani and catch up

Meet Bob and Fran: a wonderful couple that has made it their personal mission to help abolish human trafficking from the planet within the next 20 years. They discovered COSA last year when our founder, Mickey Choothesa, gave a speech at Documentary Arts Asia. After the presentation, Mickey invited them to visit us at Baan Yuu Suk. Mickey inspired them to take part in the movement against human trafficking. Even one person can make a huge difference in the lives of the girls who are affected by modern-day slavery every day, but Bob and Fran exceeded all expectations.
Within one year, this power couple successfully raised awareness about human trafficking in their networks through presentations and dialogue, became sponsors for Jane and Gig 2, and also managed to find sponsors for 10 more girls at our home, including Gig 1, Kaer, Chon, Ampai, Nooch, Baifern, Ehrn, Fon, Fan, and Luck!

Bob and Fran with Jane, whom they help to sponsor at COSA

Bob and Fran have been married for more than 52 years have 3 children of their own including 4 grandchildren. Originally from Chicago and now living in North Carolina, Bob and Fran have had a full life together as University freshman, business associates, and travel partners through their retirement. Now, Thailand is a favorite getaway as they have spent the last 7 winters in Chiang Mai!
This month, Bob and Fran returned to Baan Yuu Suk. However, this time they were armed with letters and gifts from the girls’ sponsors and words of guidance for the girls. Their favorite thing about being a sponsor is all the communication and interactions they can have with the girls even when they are halfway around the world. But now, they finally had the opportunity to meet the beautiful faces and spunky personalities of the girls on the other side of the many letters and updates. When asked what interests them most about COSA, they said that they enjoy seeing how the lives of these girls can be changed around 180 degrees.
During their visit, Bob sat down with a small group of girls and shared his feelings about their education. Ultimately thrilled that they take advantage and appreciate the opportunity that has been given to them, he said, “it’s very important that you go to school and try hard,” and advised the girls that, “any good job that would make you happy is really important.”
It warms our hearts to see when the girls feel that extra bit of support and love. Thank you Bob and Fran for being a part of our family here at Baan Yuu Suk! Check out their project website: Bobnfranact and watch the video from their visit on December 7th 2014 here

A big group photo with all the girls holding up school erasers that the Germans donated

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